4 Tips On Storing Your Vehicle This Fall And Winter

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It’s no secret the harsh fall and winter temperatures can do a number on your car, so the best way to prevent exterior damage is by storing it. If you plan on parking your car for an extended time, be sure to leave it in hibernation safe and sound by following these car winter storing tips.

First Things First

When you leave your car for an extended period of time, most walk to the car, keys in hand, only to wonder if their battery will start. If you want to preserve your battery’s energy, after several months, there are a few protocols to follow. First, do an inspection to check for any leakage. If you do see a leak, remove the battery from your vehicle. In general, some drivers choose to remove their car battery and store it in a dry and warm place.

The Tires

Next, you should check out your tires. Adjust the tire pressure, and even overinflate them in preparation for cooler weather if you choose to do so. Your tires will be full and ready for you when the weather warms up.

It’s Time for a Clean Up

Pull out your vacuum to suck up those food crumbles and wrappers. Rodents will come looking for your leftovers if you don’t! When winter is over, you will be happy to find your car critter-free. Wipe down the seats and clean out all of the junk that belongs in your house. Thoroughly wash the exterior and take the time to apply some wax.

Invest in a Cover

Now that your vehicle is nice and clean, it’s time to protect it with a cover. Simply put, a towel, blanket, or tarp will not get the job done. Not only will car covers fit specifically to your ride, but they are equipped to upkeep the paint job, making sure it’s ready to tackle the road when the temperature cranks up.

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