6 Ways To Boost Your Trade-In Value

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If you’re getting ready to trade in your car, you probably have two things on your mind. First, you want the trade-in process to be as easy as possible. Second, you hope to get lots of money for your vehicle. You’ll accomplish both if you follow these simple tips for boosting your trade-in value.

1.      Tackle the Minor Repairs

If you’re like most people, you don’t rush to fix every little repair your car needs. Eventually, your car can end up with a bunch of minor issues, ranging from light scratches to burned-out taillights.

These issues aren’t expensive to fix, but they can impact the trade-in value in a big way. With that in mind, inspect your car and see if it could benefit from any simple repairs. You might even be able to handle most, if not all, of them yourself.

2.      Make It Sparkle

Let’s say you attend an open house with the intention of buying a new home. Imagine garbage on the counters, dirty clothes on the floor, and nasty dishes in the sink. You surely wouldn’t want to pay top dollar for that house, and the same is true for a vehicle.

The dealership won’t turn down your dirty trade-in, but it might lower the value. Avoid this problem by cleaning your car’s interior and exterior. If possible, do this right before driving to the dealership. Your car will still sparkle and shine when you pull up.

3.      Check for Recalls

Hundreds of recalls go out each year, so it’s possible to miss one. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains a recalls database, and it’s a good idea to check it before trading in your car. Just go to the “recalls’ section of the website and enter your VIN to find out if you have any free repairs coming your way. If you do, schedule the service before negotiating your trade value.

4.      Negotiate Separately

A lot of people view trade-ins and new car purchases as a single transaction. Combining them speeds things up, but not enough to make up for all the money you might leave on the table. Maximize your car’s value by negotiating the trade before moving on to the new car.

5.      Time It Right

Did you know that trade-in values are tied to demand? Basically, the more demand there is for your car, the more the dealership will pay you. Now, you don’t need to pour over market reports or survey your neighbors to gauge the market. Instead, your timing will be on point if you trade in your vehicle during the first half of the year.

Car buyers are the most active from January through June. If you have your car appraised anytime during the first two quarters of the year, you’ll take an important step in boosting its value.

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6.      Choose the Right Dealership

Finally, you must choose a dealership to bring your car to before completing the trade. While some people shop around, that isn’t necessary. Instead, head to Amigo Chevrolet in Gallup, New Mexico, to ensure you get what you deserve for your trade. Get started by valuing the trade on our website, and then stop by to get your vehicle appraised and browse our inventory.

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