7 Egg Hunt Ideas The Kids Will Love

Shot of a little girl going on a treasure hunt to find easter eggs

Are your kids getting bored doing the same Easter egg hunt year after year? Sure, they still have some fun, but they’re ready for a new tradition. You can mix things up with these Easter egg hunt ideas. In fact, these ideas are so much fun that the adults will also have a blast while cheering on the kiddos.

1.      Have an Easter Egg Relay Race

You can add an extra dose of competition into your Easter egg hunt with a relay race. First, divide the kids into teams, and have them draw for positions. Then arrange them at the starting line, and say go. The first hunter from each team will scramble to find an egg to bring back to the starting line. Then the second child will go out to find an egg, and it’ll continue until your yard is egg-free.

2.      Make the Hunt Rewarding

You can add an incentive for finding eggs by hiding rewards inside of them. First, come up with some ideas, such as staying up 20 minutes later that night or having their favorite dinner. Then write them down and place them inside plastic eggs. Your kids will get super excited when looking at their rewards at the end of the hunt.

3.      Have Kids Search for Their Names

You can increase the difficulty level by having kids spell out their names with eggs during the hunt. First, write down the names of all of the kids participating in the Easter egg hunt. Then spell out the names on the eggs by adding a single letter to each one. For example, if you have a son named Brad, put a “B” on one egg, an “R” on another, and so on. Then have the kids search for the eggs they need to spell their names. Be sure to give a prize to the kid who spells his or her name first.

4.      Crack the Codes to Find the Eggs

If your kids love solving codes, you can incorporate that into the Easter egg hunt. First, print off clues for your kids to decipher. Then let your kids loose so they can crack codes and find eggs.

5.      Match the Colors

Are your kids still learning their colors? If so, you can add some learning into the Easter egg hunt by giving each kid a color to find. For instance, one child can search for blue eggs while another looks for green. You can include different shades of colors to challenge the kiddos a bit, too.

6.      Include “Egg Money” in the Eggs

You can infuse fun and excitement into the egg hunt by adding “egg money” to the plastic eggs. First, you’ll need to make money out of paper. You can include different denominations, such as “one yolk” and “two yolks.” Then put a piece of paper inside each plastic egg. At the end of the hunt, your kids can redeem the egg money for prizes.

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7.      Have an Interactive Easter Egg Hunt

Finally, you can create an interactive Easter egg hunt. First, create slips of paper that include activities like hopping like a bunny or mooing like a cow. Next, place the papers inside some of your plastic eggs, and fill the rest with candy and other goodies. Your kids will open the plastic eggs during the hunt and complete the desired action. This is sure to bring lots of laughs to your Easter festivities.

Keep this list handy so that you can try new activities each year. Then your family will make lots of memories during the Easter holiday.

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