7 Tips To Plan The Perfect Memorial Day Picnic

children enjoying a Memorial Day picnic

With the warm weather and ample sunshine, Memorial Day weekend is always an ideal time to spend time outdoors. While there are numerous outdoor activities to enjoy, nothing beats a picnic. Check out some tips to help you plan the perfect Memorial Day picnic to celebrate the holiday.

1.      Choose a Spot

First, you need to select a location for your picnic. Don’t worry if you don’t want to leave home. Your backyard provides an excellent place to enjoy some outdoor dining.

2.      Grab Your Supplies

You don’t want to prepare for your picnic on the fly, so make a shopping list and grab the items a few days in advance. Don’t forget to include must-haves like condiments and napkins on your shopping list.

3.      Gather Everything in One Spot

You can also group all your picnic items ahead of time. Grab all the non-perishable items, including silverware, and place them in your pantry or a cabinet. Then you can add the finishing touches to the meal and walk out the door.

4.      Put Salads in Cups

There’s something about eating a fresh salad outdoors that’s hard to beat. You’ll enjoy a salad even more if you put it in a cup instead of a large bowl. Get some plastic cups with lids and add a portion of salad to each one. Then stick a fork inside of the straw hole in the lid so you’ll be sure to have silverware.

5.      Organize Your Cutlery

You might need more cutlery than the fork in your salad cup, and you can keep it organized with a soda carrier. You can fill the pouches with knives, forks, spoons, and napkins. Then everyone can find what they need to chow down on the delicious lunch.

6.      Make Snack Trays for the Kids

Kids can be messy, and you don’t want them to leave a trail of food behind, so use muffin trays to organize their lunch. You can add crackers, fruit, drinks, and other goodies in the pockets. Then they can devour the food without making a huge mess.

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7.      Use Bags Instead of Bowls

Do you dislike washing a bunch of dishes after a picnic? Instead of bringing bowls for your chips, you can eat right out of the bag. You need to roll down the top of the bag after opening it. This will create a rim that prevents crumbs from getting on your hands and arms when getting handfuls of chips.

Memorial Day is on May 30, so you still have some time to prepare. Thus, start working your way down the list so you’ll be ready for some family fun and delicious food.

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