Admire The Murals Of Gallup This Spring

Female mural artist at work

You don’t need to walk inside of a museum to check out art if you live in Gallup, NM. Instead, you can walk around the city, taking in dozens upon dozens of vibrant murals and works of art. The only question is: Which route should you take? Check out various Gallup mural walking tours, so you can create an itinerary and head out to soak up the local art scene.

Check Out the Murals in Downtown Gallup

You can dive right into the fun by taking a mural tour of downtown Gallup. Artists have been transforming downtown Gallup since the early 2000s. Now, there are almost 30 murals within walking distance of each other. The furthest you’ll have to walk between murals is 0.2 miles, although most are within feet of each other.

You’ll start your tour at the Jewels and Java Mural, which is easily one of the city’s most impressive works of art. With renderings of ancestral pueblos, Zuni dancers, and more, you’ll be amazed by the details. Oh, and be sure to check out the smaller mural next to this one, where you’ll see the Zuni mountains and ancient pottery.

Explore the Northside

Do you want to see a nice mixture of murals and sculptures? If so, take the Northside Arts Tour in Gallup. This walking tour will take you from Red Rock Park to just north of the downtown area and is full of impressive works.

You’ll begin at the Wake Self memorial, which celebrates the life of Andrew Martinez. He went by the stage name Wake Self and was a huge part of the Gallup community before passing away.

Then, you’ll end at the Red Rock Park Murals, which represent wildlife and Native American culture. You can walk around to see the outdoor art before popping into the park’s office to ask about viewing the murals inside the convention center.

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View the Art on the Southside

If you want to see more than murals, you can take Gallup’s Southside Arts Tour. The path will take you past 19 works of art that pay homage to the city’s history and residents. First, you’ll take in the Gallup Sun Daggers. This isn’t just a piece of art. It’s turned into a landmark of sorts for the Gallup community, with many referring to it as the city’s version of Stonehenge. This is just one of the impressive pieces of art you’ll see during the tour.

With so much art to see, it’s a great time to put on your walking shoes and tackle these tours. You can go at your own pace, giving you ample time to take in each piece of work. Add in the fresh air and sunshine, and you’re sure to love your time exploring Gallup’s art scene.

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