Coming Soon: The Tiny Art Project

Paintbrush with oil paint on a classical palette
From its sprawling murals to unique galleries, Gallup has a strong creative side. Though, infrastructure issues like missing bricks and tiles sometimes take away from the city’s artistic beauty. Fortunately, that’s about to change thanks to the Tiny Art Project and its participating artists. First, learn more about the Tiny Art... [read more]

Snacks To Get You Through The Day

Unrecognizable person is preparing homemade granola bars with raisins, dried cherries and orange zest
Do you find yourself getting a little “hangry” during the day? It sounds like it’s time for some snacks to come to the rescue. Now, you could load up on treats at the grocery store, but homemade goodies taste even better. They’re also super simple to make if you use... [read more]

6 Ways To Boost Your Trade-In Value

Exchange money and car keys Car Trading and Loan
If you’re getting ready to trade in your car, you probably have two things on your mind. First, you want the trade-in process to be as easy as possible. Second, you hope to get lots of money for your vehicle. You’ll accomplish both if you follow these simple tips for... [read more]

Plan An Amazing New Mexico Spring Break Adventure

Carlsbad Caverns National Park entrance Sign
Forget Florida and its packed beaches. New Mexico is the place to go for spring break, especially if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure. First, check out some of the top spring break destinations in New Mexico. Then make some plans and get ready for an epic spring break. Soak up... [read more]

Keep Warm With This Homemade Turkey Biscuit Stew

A hot pot of turkey pot pie fresh from the oven sits on the table
A thick and hearty stew is so satisfying on a blustery, cold day. And if you’re thinking of ways to use up leftover turkey, then this recipe is perfect. From the warm and flaky biscuits on top to the creamy soup, you may find yourself licking the bowl clean. Let’s... [read more]

Turn Your Bouquet Into Dried Flowers

Beautiful Dried flowers and leaves
Bouquets of fresh flowers can brighten your day or mark a special occasion. But within a few days, the flowers can fade and lose their bright colors. And if the bouquet is part of a major event, you might want to find a way to preserve it. Fortunately, there are... [read more]

Creativity Flows At ART123 Gallery

Serious black man in brown pullover looking at painting while standing in front of wall with row of artworks
As you know, people consider art subjective. For that reason, everyone can find something they appreciate. However, what makes it even better is when it’s created by artists within a community. That’s what you’ll discover when visiting ART123 Gallery in Gallup, New Mexico. There, you’ll see a broad range of... [read more]

Create Your Own DIY Copper Bowl

a golden copper bowl
The great thing about copper is that its rich color goes with everything. In other words, it looks great with any décor, including country, modern, Mediterranean, and so on. You can make a beautiful copper bowl to use for decoration or to hold small items. That includes jewelry, spare change,... [read more]

Learn More About Chevrolet’s First Responder Offers

Police officer, paramedic and fireman, on black background, portrait
In 1913, the first Chevy model rolled off the assembly line. From there, this automaker worked hard to improve and fine-tune its vehicles to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Today, people still respect and trust Chevrolet. That’s because it takes care of its customers, including first responders. You can learn more... [read more]

Make Dinner Easy With This Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Slow Cooker Pot Roast with Potatoes, Carrots, Celery, Onions and Garlic
If you asked 100 people to name their favorite home-cooked meal, probably more than 50% would say pot roast. After all, what’s not to love about tender meat and savory vegetables? Even better, there’s a way to make this dish using a slow cooker. Simply follow the recipe below. Required Ingredients ... [read more]