Be The Best Holiday Party Host This Season

Table set up for Christmas dinner.

It’s the season of hosting, and if you want to be the host with the most, you have to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Start with a Budget

Feeding a large amount of people can get out of hand, but there’s more to a Christmas dinner party than just food. When you throw in decorations and entertainment, you will find yourself dropping a wad if you aren’t careful. Set an amount you are willing to spend, starting with what’s most important to you, whether that’s purchasing a new game, feeding everyone a premium steak, buying dessert from your favorite restaurant, or arranging specialty flowers for the table. Divide it up per head, and see how you can get the best bang for your buck.

Don’t Go Crazy On Decorations

Sure, you want to make sure your house gives off all of the holiday vibes, but don’t over spend on items for one evening of fun. Instead, open up your storage and cabinets and use what you have. Gather candles, grab greenery out of your yard, or DIY some décor. Put your kids in charge of decorating to keep them preoccupied the day of the event!

Say No to Place Cards

Are you stressed about who is going to sit where? Don’t decide for the people. Let the people decide for themselves! Assigned seating might feel stuffy, and assigning everyone will only add stress to your evening. Free seating is most comfortable for guests.

Ask for Help

Just because the dinner is at your home, that doesn’t mean you should be responsible for doing everything. This is the perfect time to joyfully accept help from those who offer. Provide the meat and sides, but let your aunt bring the her signature bread pudding, or let your cousin bring his famous dinner rolls.

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Stick to What You Know

Everyone has their famous dishes, and you should stick to yours for the dinner party. Cook your family favorites, rather than that new recipe you found on Pinterest. It takes time to perfect a new dish in the kitchen, and that would be added stress on the day of your dinner.

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