Coming Soon: The Tiny Art Project

Paintbrush with oil paint on a classical palette

From its sprawling murals to unique galleries, Gallup has a strong creative side. Though, infrastructure issues like missing bricks and tiles sometimes take away from the city’s artistic beauty. Fortunately, that’s about to change thanks to the Tiny Art Project and its participating artists.

First, learn more about the Tiny Art Project’s plans to transform Gallup. Then you’ll be ready to check out their works. The artists are turning some of Downtown’s eyesores into art, and you can see the pieces yourself starting on April 8.

Locations Selected by the Tiny Art Project

The Tiny Art Project’s organizers walked around Downtown Gallup, looking for small issues artists can beautify. After that, they decided to use art to fix the following problems:

  • Missing tiles on the façade of the El Morro Theatre
  • Parking meter stubs on the sidewalk curb in front of Jerry’s Café
  • Missing brick on a bench in Courthouse Square
  • Rusted metal post base on Aztec and 4th
  • Missing cap on a fence post at Aztec and 1st

These might be “small” problems, but you can’t help but notice them when walking around Downtown Gallup. You’ll still notice these spots after installing the art, but for a different reason. Instead of seeing them as unsightly, you’ll be drawn to their beauty.

Types of Art

The artwork is small and culturally relevant while fitting into the existing landscape. Other than that, artists are free to let their creative juices flow.

For instance, they might make sculptures, painted designs, or 3D pieces for the project. As a result, expect to see a blend of different artistic styles and methods on display in Downtown Gallup once the project is complete.

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Attend Gallup Arts Crawl to See the Official Unveiling

The organizers intend to unveil the six pieces of art during the Gallup Arts Crawl on Saturday, April 8. Just head to Downtown Gallup between 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. to see the art and enjoy other activities. Those activities include a Tiny Art Project-inspired scavenger hunt, according to the Gallup Sun.

While Arts Crawl is always a fun time, don’t stress if you miss it in April. The art will remain up, so you can check it out while walking around Downtown Gallup.

As you can see, the Tiny Art Project will make a big difference in Downtown Gallup. It might not stop there, either. The organizers plan to expand to other areas if there’s a lot of public interest. You can add to the interest by viewing the pieces, so make plans to head Downtown in April.

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