DIY Fall Candles

Autumn decorations with candles and pumpkins

People burn candles in their homes all year round. However, there’s something special about fall candles. For one thing, they’re made in colors representing this time of year. For another, they have wonderful fragrances like pumpkin spice, pecan pie, and cinnamon hot chocolate. Instead of buying expensive products, you can make your own candles to enhance your home this fall. Simply jump in your vehicle from Amigo Chevrolet in Gallup, New Mexico, to shop for the supplies needed.

Personal Use or Beautiful Gifts

One of the great things about DIY fall candles is you can use them in your house or gift them to family members and friends. After all, they never go out of style, and they’ll last a long time. People will appreciate the gesture, even more, considering you made them. Although there are thousands of possibilities, below is an amazing way to create DIY fall candles.

Gather the Necessary Supplies

For your first DIY fall candle, consider soy. This type of candle is easy to make, and it retains color and fragrance beautifully. You’ll need several supplies, including a container for the finished candle. Also, you’ll need soy wax flakes in the color you want, pre-waxed and pre-tabbed wicks, and a large pot. In addition, you’ll need some type of melting pot. For the candle container and melting pot, be sure to use something that’s heat-proof. Add a scale, candy thermometer, mixing spool, and essential oils to your list.

Determine the Amount of Wax Needed

Next, you’ll need to decide the amount of wax required for the DIY fall candle. Base this on the volume that the candle container holds. Depending on the container you choose, you may need to make a close guesstimate. The same goes for the wicks. After placing them in the bottom of the container, the wick should extend beyond the top of the candle by about an inch. If the wicks are too long, you can trim the top.

Weighing and Melting

Then, weigh the melting pot on the scales. That way, you’ll know the correct volume of soy flakes needed. Here’s an example. If the container holds four fluid ounces, you’ll need four ounces of wax. If it holds two ounces, you will use 2 ounces of wax. Carefully add the soy flakes into the pot and allow them to melt. This takes several minutes, so be sure to stir occasionally. For this kind of DIY fall candle, the melted wax should look like olive oil. You can also use a candy thermometer to confirm it’s reached 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Adding the Essential Oil

Before you add the fragrance, allow the melted wax to cool to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to only use one ounce of essential oil for every pound of wax. Not enough essential oil, and the candle won’t have much of a smell. Too much, and it’ll have an overbearing smell.

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Finishing Your DIY Fall Candle

At that point, you can slowly pour the fragranced oil into the candle container. Make sure you hold the wick firmly, so it stays in the proper position. By doing this slowly, you’ll avoid unsightly air bubbles. After the candle rests for 24 hours, it’s ready to enjoy. You can enhance the candle’s appearance by tying a ribbon around the mouth of the container or perhaps hand painting leaves on the outside of it.

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