Eliminate The Struggle When Hanging Lights Up This Holiday

Prior to you untangling your Christmas tree lights and clambering up the ladder, you need to take a moment and plan out your design and strategy for effectively and safely hanging your lights.

Questions that you should ask yourself include:

  • What type of lights do I want to hang?
  • How large do I want my display?
  • Where should I hang them?
  • How will I secure them to the house?

Once you have those questions answered, then you can start the hanging process.

Differences Between Christmas Lights

There are tons of varying Christmas lights on the market. You have your traditional light strands, your icicle lights, your lights shaped like holiday themes, lights with big bulbs, LED lights, soft lights, the list goes on and on. Each comes with its own look and cost. For instance, LED lights are more expensive than incandescent bulbs, but they are designed to last much longer. You will also save money on your energy bill during the holidays.

LED lights are also much harder to break and are safer, as they don’t get hot to the touch. You can also connect many more strings together, which means fewer extension cords.

Measure Your Home

Take the time to measure your home so you know how many lights you’ll need. You can take a photo from the street, as well. This helps you get an overall picture of how you want your design to unfold. Additionally, make sure that you know the power outlet situation. Know where the outlets are and figure out if you need to run extension cords to reach. Be sure to plug in the string of lights before you hang the lights outside. This allows you to preview the work as you go.

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Safety First

Better safe than sorry. Ensure that all light strings and extension cords are in good condition before you get to work. Look out for exposed wires, broken sockets, among other hazards. Also ensure that the lights that you use are safe for outdoor use. One recommendation is to not use more than three standard length light strings per one extension cord.

Make sure that the extension cords are away from any water sources. Work with a partner.

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