Fun Hide & Seek Game Variations


Hide and Seek is a classic game that nearly every kid plays at some point during their childhood. The rules are pretty simple: someone is designated to be It. That person then counts to a predetermined number with his or her eyes closed while everyone else in the game runs off to hide. When the counting is complete, It goes to search for the rest of the players. While this may be the way many people remember Hide and Seek, there are several variations to the game as reported by Early Impact. Here are some versions that today’s youth may want to consider.


Anyone who has ever opened a can of sardines will easily understand why this incarnation of Hide and Seek is called what it is. The object of the game works in reverse to the way most people play. One child hides while everyone else seeks. The first person who finds the one who is hiding joins him or her in their spot. Then, each subsequent person who finds the ones who are hiding also joins, until slowly nearly all the players are crammed into one location. When the final seeker finds the hiders, the round is over.

Secret Wave

Here is another version in which players join together as the round progresses. In this game, everyone hides except the seeker. Each time a child is found, they join in the hunt for all the other players. There is a twist, however, that can add some excitement. If the kid who joins the seeker sees a hider who remains unseen by the original seeker, then they can secretly wave to each other. This allows the new seeker to reenter the game as a hider. If the wave is spotted by the original seeker, then the waver will also join in the search for other hiders.

Kick the Can

A can, of course, is an integral part of this game. It starts in much the way a traditional game of Hide and Seek does. The exception is that there is a can set up in the jail area. When It finds someone hiding, that person must go to jail. However, if a player who is still in hiding runs up and kicks the can, anyone in jail is free to run away and hide again. The round ends when all the players hiding are in jail.

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Hide the Teddy

In this game, everyone is divided into two teams – one hiding and one seeking. Each kid on the hiding team finds a spot for a teddy bear or toy while the seekers count. Then, the seekers search for all the teddy bears. After the round, the teams switch roles and the team that was hiding seeks while the team that was seeking hides.

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