Visit Gallup Coffee Company For Your Caffeine Fix This Fall

Espresso machine making fresh cup of coffee

With their own selection of fantastic, flavorful roasts for sale as well as a menu full of quality brews and more, Gallup Coffee Company is the perfect place to go whether you need a bag of beans or a drink to go.

Drink Order Menu

If you’re interested in a soothing brew or specialty item made by the team at Gallup Coffee Company, you’re welcome to peruse their online menu to order something for pickup. Naturally, they offer the standard drip coffee, but there are some other brew methods that come with their own notable differences. They have cold brew and iced coffee if you’re not looking for heat, as well as the high-energy Red Eye, which combines black coffee and espresso. You can order French press for full-bodied flavor, or the bold Kalita pour over.

Espresso Options

Gallup Coffee Company’s menu also features some appealing espresso-based drink options whether you want to perk up with some caffeine or relax with something sweet. For something similar in strength to a black coffee, an Americano combines espresso with hot water, while you might be able to detect a difference in flavor. You could add steamed milk for a latte or cortado, or top off a double espresso with foam for a macchiato. Chocolate lovers can always go for the classic mocha or white mocha, while hot chocolate and white hot chocolate are also on the menu.

Time for Tea

If you’d prefer to grab a cup of tea, the coffee company has you covered. Iced and hot tea are both readily available, as are other options like a matcha, chai, or Honeybush latte. For a cold alternative, consider the unmistakably green matcha frappe or the aromatic chai frappe. You can also settle in for the autumn weather with the London Fog latte, which features the slightly citrusy Earl Grey tea.

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