Hit The Trails In Your Bike This Spring

Low angle view of cyclist riding mountain bike on rocky trail at sunrise

Off of the historic Route 66 and Interstate 40, there are trails in the city of Gallup that can take you to a place the pre-dates the construction of the highway. While you can trek some of these trails only on foot, there are some that allow for adventurous mountain biking. Head off-road on your bike to explore the great outdoors in any of the biking trails in Gallup, NM.

High Desert Trail System

If you are looking for a trail that offers you a legendary trek through the beautiful Gallup landscape, then you need to ride the High Desert Trail System. It offers riders twenty-two miles to explore with three loops of trails that connects. While the trail system is a single track, the visuals you can see along the trail keep things fresh for you as traverse the High Desert Trail System. There a beautiful rock sculptures as well as sun dials, metal sculptures, and more to capture your attention as you ride.

Gallup North Hogback Trail

The Gallup North Hogback Trail can be quite arduous as the switchbacks and stone steps are quite steep. Be aware, that there are spots along the trail that you may have to push or carry your bike. After getting past the rough parts and on the ridge, you can enjoy a pleasant ride.

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Zuni Mountains

If you want to take a day trip away from Gallup, then you can venture to the Zuni Mountains. Where you may be used to seeing narrow ridges and a desert with red rock formations around the Gallup area, the Zuni Mountains offer vistas of Aspens and Ponderosa Pine trees as well as running streams. The trails that run through the mountains are over 186 miles of daring fun. With six new trailheads, there is plenty of opportunity for you and your family to begin a splendid adventure in the mountains. You can even stay the night if you desire as there is plenty of areas to set up camp after a long bike ride.


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