How To Wash Your Car This Winter

Traffic in winter

Traffic in winter

Your car gets dirty no matter what time of year it is, but with all the salt and wet roads during the winter, you’ll want to make sure you keep up with cleaning it. Car washes can be expensive, so we’ve put together some winter tips for washing your car in the cold.

Dress in Layers

With the weather getting colder and colder, washing your car is not fun, especially if you haven’t prepared properly. Make sure you dress in layers before you go out in the cold. Wearing insulated driving gloves with a pair of waterproof gloves on top will ensure your hands stay warm and dry. Latex gloves work too and are disposable.

Waterproof layers are great for keeping you warm while you wash, as well as waterproof boots and jacket.

Use Warm Water

An important thing to remember is never use hot water to clean your car in the winter. Hot water can cause cracks in glass to expand and spread. As long as temperatures aren’t below freezing, you are safe to use warm water to clean the wheels and body of your vehicle.

Garage or Wash Bay

If you have the capability to wash your vehicle in an enclosed space, it is best to do so in the winter. This will make the job a lot easier and warmer. If you don’t have a garage, see if there is a wash bay nearby. This will also block the wind and stop the soap from drying before you rinse your vehicle.

Apply a Wax or Sealant for Protection

Prevention is the best way to keep your car clean in the winter. Carnauba paste wax is a solid wax that is difficult to remove. It’s perfect for winter months, as it repels water and snow very well. Many spray waxes degrade much quicker than paste. Using a wheel sealant is important to consider for your vehicle as well.

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Rinseless Products

Maybe you don’t have a hose readily available. You can use products like Optimum No Rinse Wash and Wax to clean and protect your vehicle. This is a very popular product, and you only need a bucket or two of water. This product is not for extremely dirty cars but can be used to clean up your vehicle.

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