Ideas To Win The Best Halloween Costume

Young couple at home party celebrating Halloween in costume of thief and cat-woman

One of the many great things about Halloween is the almost unlimited choices for costumes. Whether hosting or attending a party, any of these options are sure to turn heads. Remember, a little creativity goes a long way when it comes to dressing up for Halloween.

Fun Halloween Costumes for Men and Women

Just because a costume is from a male character doesn’t mean a female can’t wear it and vice versa. Here are some amazing possibilities.


Who doesn’t love the Shrek character? He’s big, green, and has adorable ears. For this, you’ll need green face paint. You can find this product online or at local Halloween stores. Just be sure you choose an organic or hypoallergenic paint so it won’t harm your skin. Then, get an oversized tan-colored T-shirt that you can fray at the bottom. Stuff that with pillows, and you have the bulging ogre belly. Finally, make or purchase the ears.

Vincent van Gogh

If you need a Halloween costume as a couple, this is an excellent and affordable option. One person will dress as an artist. This is where your imagination and creativity come into play. The second person will need to dress in white. For the full effect, they should use white face paint. To complete the costume, the person in white will need a large bandage over one ear.

Willy Wonka

This Halloween costume is fun and unique. It’s also a good option for a single person or couple. For this, you’ll need khaki pants, a top hat, a bow tie, a purple shirt, and a purple coat. If possible, use a coat with a long tail. If you don’t have anything in purple, you can purchase a T-shirt and likely find a jacket at a thrift store. Then, simply dye them. To make a lasting impression, carry a bowl of chocolate around to share.

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Bob Ross

Everyone knows that Bob Ross is a famous painter. The nice thing about this Halloween costume is that you don’t need to spend much money. As an individual, the only items needed are a large Afro-style wig, a fake beard (if you don’t have one), and a painter’s pallet and brush. Throw on a pair of jeans, a denim shirt, and a wig and beard. Add blotches of color on the pallet and glue on a brush. If you use this as a couple, the other person could don a costume that consists of leaves in varying colors.

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