Ways To Keep The Kids Busy This Spring Break

family painting room togetherAs the weather warms up, that can only mean one thing: kids are out for spring break. This can be an exciting time for parents if they have a family vacation planned, or something else already in mind. Although, for the parents that have not set plans for spring break, the idea of your kids being out of school for a week can be overwhelming. You want them to have fun, but you may not have the time or money to take them to do something every day. Here are some ways you and your kids can have fun and keep busy at home during their spring break. 

Paint a Wall

Kids love using paint! Do you have a spare wall or maybe an old fence? Let your kids release their creativity in that space. All you need to provide is a paintbrush and some paint. Your child will have fun doing this and it will keep them busy for a good few hours. 

Walk, Hike, or Bike it Out 

Kids often have a lot of energy. They enjoy running, riding their bikes, or even strolling through the neighborhood. Tag along with them and find an easy trail to tackle together. Give your kids the option to walk or bike the trail. You can even take them to a local park and find a trail to get lost on!

Raise Some Gardeners 

Since the weather is warming up, you are probably wanting to start planting your spring garden. Why not have your kids who love to get dirty, do the dirty work for you? They love to dig, and they’re fascinated by plants and the outdoors. Therefore, why not give them the task of planting trees and flowers?

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Movie Marathon 

If your kids have had a ton of outside time recently, it can be nice to have a day of rest. Kids love movies and snacks. Give your kids a day of the ultimate movie marathon. Allow them to pick a handful of movies and snacks and stay in their comfiest pajamas all day long. 

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