Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

Photo of costumed family

Nothing is worse than feeling unprepared and stressed out about what costume you are going to wear to a last minute Halloween party. At this moment and time, you are probably either scouring the isle’s picking through the remains of the costumes at the Halloween store, panicking to order something online, or searching for an easy and inexpensive DIY Costume. The good news is, if you fit into the DIY category, you have come to the right place. These DIY Halloween Costumes won’t break your bank, are creative, cute and quick to throw together.


This costume is more of a comical one. An adult dressing as a child is fun and easy to get creative with. If you already have kids, you probably already have some of the props you need. For this costume you need an onesie, blanket, teddy bear, pacifier, and a cute hairstyle with some cute bows or ribbons.


This costume is made to make you feel and look beautiful just like you did on that special day. If you want to add a more scary approach, you can go as a zombie bride by easily adding fake blood to your costume. You will need a white lace shirt and skirt, a white lace dress, nude heels, a white veil, and faux flowers for this costume.


If you’re not at all worried about being unoriginal or someone having the same costume as you, this is a well-known quick and easy DIY costume. All you will need for this costume is: Black shirt, black pants, black shoes, a black bow tie, cat ears, cat tail, and black eyeliner!

Baseball Player

This one is very modest but one of the cuter options if you are going for something minimal! The chances of you having what you need for this costume already are high. You will need a white or grey t-shirt, grey or black leggings, a red baseball hat, red high knee socks, converse, and a baseball glove. You can use makeup to create eye-black!

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Crazy Cat Lady

Another comical and comfy costume is the “crazy cat lady” if you are into that. This costume is not only funny, but it allows you to leave the house in your pajamas. Who doesn’t love that? You will need cat pajamas, a white or cream cardigan, slippers, hair rollers, small stuffed cats, and safety pins.

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