Let Your Kids Decorate For Valentines With These Festive Crafts

Family Making Valentine's Day Cards OverheadKids love crafts, especially when they get treats at school. So, why not bring that same excitement and festive energy into your home this Valentine’s Day? Not only will these crafts keep your kiddos busy for a few hours, but they also act as cute and festive family décor around your home. Therefore, set up a craft table, guide them through the instructions, and let their creativity shine through these Valentine’s Day crafts. Their little hearts will burst with pride when they see how you’ve chosen their work as a decorative piece! 

Wonderful Heart Flowers

This Paper Heart Flower craft can double as a craft for Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day! It is a great alternative to just having your kids give the traditional Valentine’s Day card. The Heart Flower is complete with a cute, little cut-out bee on the edge. The bee is attached with a paper clip to keep the card from opening. The receiver will take the bee off and open up the heart to be able to read the sweet message inside!

Heart Corner Bookmarks

Are your kid’s bookworms? If they love to read, this craft is for them! The Heart Corner Bookmark is simple. It requires little to no supplies, and it looks super cute tucked inside their favorite book. This craft also puts your kid’s origami skills to the test, and if they’ve never done origami, this is a great place to start. It won’t decorate the home, but when the kids get to use something they’ve made or see you using something they’ve made, it makes it even more special.

Fingerprint Love Tree

The Fingerprint Love Tree is not only one you will want to display but one you’ll want to keep forever. This craft is not hard to make, and it looks beautiful no matter how it is done. Using red and pink ink pads, your kids will fingerprint away, using their fingerprints to fill out the tree. Years down the line, when looking back at your kid’s crafts, this one will fill your heart and help you reminisce on their young years. 

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Yarn Hearts

This Valentine’s Day craft makes for another simple decorative piece, and it only uses cardboard, scissors, and yarn. Once you make your cardboard heart cut out, have your kids start wrapping the heart with their choice of yarn. Once completed, these Yarn Hearts will make great bowl fillers, cute additions to floral arrangements, or even bookshelf décor. Your kids are guaranteed to love this craft, so you will end up with tons of Yarn Hearts around the house.

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