Make Your Life Easier With These Quick Car Hacks

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Like most people, you likely spend time just about every day in your vehicle. Because you’re in your car so much, it can easily get dirty. For example, you may find yourself eating in it or tracking in dirt, garbage, and other debris. You can also forget about routine maintenance issues. This can make your vehicle uncomfortable and even compromise its life span. However, you can keep your car looking nice and running well with a few changes.

Keep a Cereal Box Handy

It doesn’t take long for the interior of a car to get dirty. From food wrappers to juice boxes and soda cans or cups, a cluttered car can be a common thing to see. This can become embarrassing and even cause the car to get smelly. Keep your vehicle clean and free of these annoying messes of garbage by having a trash can. You can do this by using an empty cereal box. For instance, place it in the car and dump it when it gets full.

A Trick for Checking the Tires

Your car’s tires suffer as much wear and tear as anything. Eventually, the mileage and usage will catch up, and the tires will wear down. However, when the tread gets too bare, it’s no longer safe to drive the vehicle. Your vehicle can be more difficult to stop, and you may notice that gripping wet roads is more difficult.

If you aren’t sure when it’s time to replace the tires, let Abraham Lincoln help. For instance, just take a penny and stick it upside down into the grooves of the trad. If the 16th president’s head is still fully visible, the tread is too low, and it’s time for new tires.

Use a Shower Caddy to Organize the Interior

Sometimes it’s not necessarily garbage that clutters your car. Often, you simply may have random items finding a home in the interior of your vehicle. These could include toys, combs, electronic devices, shoes, hair ties, or a number of other things. To keep them in one spot, place them in a shower caddy.

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Use Some Dryer Sheets to Take Care of Odors

Furthermore, nasty smells in the car can make any ride unpleasant. One effective way to get rid of a bad stench is to place dryer sheets strategically in the car. Place a few in the seatback pockets or door compartments. You’ll soon notice a fresher smell in the car.

These four tips can make a big difference in how your car looks, smells, and performs. Apply them today. You should also bring your car for regular repairs and maintenance to the service department at Amigo Chevrolet in Gallup, NM. Stop by our auto center to keep your car in good condition.

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