Plan An Amazing New Mexico Spring Break Adventure

Carlsbad Caverns National Park entrance Sign

Forget Florida and its packed beaches. New Mexico is the place to go for spring break, especially if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure. First, check out some of the top spring break destinations in New Mexico. Then make some plans and get ready for an epic spring break.

Soak up the Sand at White Sands National Park

Some people spend spring break lying in the sand, but you can do something even better. Instead of lazing around, get your sand fix at White Sands National Park. Home to the biggest gypsum dune field in the world, you’ll enjoy sand as far as the eye can see and so much more.

Dunes Drive is the perfect place to start your spring break trip at White Sands National Park. You can drive around the dune field or leave your car to walk along the sand. The park also has impressive hiking trails, including views of the surrounding mountains and white sand.

Do you want to do more than sightseeing? How about sledding down a dune? It’s like sledding down a snowy mountain, only way cooler. You won’t be breaking any rules since dune sledding is allowed at the national park, as long as you do it in the proper location.

There’s one thing to keep in mind if you decide to visit White Sands National Park. Backcountry camping is the only option for staying overnight, so you might want to book accommodations elsewhere. Fortunately, there are hotels within a few miles of the park, so you can enjoy the park during the day and pamper yourself at night.

Experience a New Way of Life on a Dude Ranch

Are you looking for a spring break adventure that includes food, lodging, and fun in one spot? You’ll get that and much more by spending some time at a dude ranch. There are many options, but Concho Hills Guest Ranch in Magdalena, New Mexico, is one of the most popular.

Concho Hills Guest Ranch allows guests to set their agendas while experiencing life on the ranch. This can include horseback riding, roping, whip cracking, and cattle work. Just think of all the stories you’ll tell when school’s back in session.

Oh, and no matter what activities you choose, stargazing and taking in the scenery are big parts of life on a dude ranch. That makes it easy to add some relaxation to your trip.

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Explore Carlsbad Caverns

If you are in the mood for an adventure, Carlsbad Caverns in Eddy County, New Mexico, is a fantastic spring break destination. You’ve probably seen pictures of the caves, but they’re more impressive in person. Some say it’s like the Grand Canyon with a roof, so get ready to be blown away.

You can go on a guided tour or explore the caves on your own via the Big Room or Natural Entrance Trail. The Natural Entrance Trail is longer, more challenging, and a bigger adventure. However, if you want to enjoy some non-strenuous sightseeing, the Big Room Entrance Trail is breathtaking without all the hard work.

Exploring the caves is the biggest draw, but your spring break adventure doesn’t have to end there. You can also walk along the hiking trails to explore the park’s surface. There are 11 trails, with the Walnut Canyon Overlook being the shortest and the Guadalupe Ridge Trail the longest. All the trails are stellar, but the Upper Rattlesnake Canyon to Guadalupe Ridge Loop hike is the best of the best.

No matter which of these adventures you choose, you will have a blast during spring break. Don’t be surprised if your friends and classmates get a little jealous. Who knows. They might end up following you to your spring break destination next year.

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