Projects To Work On Before The End Of Summer

Backyard Firepit
It’s been a hot summer, and as we make our way through the dog days of August, you might already be longing for the first chilly breeze of autumn. Before the seasons change, however, there may be some prep work to do around the house, so consider these DIY projects for the end of summer.

Fix Your Screens

Once the summer heat subsides and temperatures start to ease down, you might be tempted to open your doors and windows to let the cooler air flow. However, if those openings aren’t properly screened-in, you might let in more than the breeze. If intact, your screen doors and windows can keep bugs out of your home, but those pests have a knack for finding even the smallest breach in the screens, so you’ll need to make any necessary repairs before you open things up for the fall.

Hit the Deck

Maybe you’ve been waiting for the summer sun to subside before spending time outdoors. When the weather cools, it’s tempting to step out onto the deck to relax and entertain. If you haven’t been spending much time out there, though, you might be surprised by how dirty the deck can get over the course of a long, hot summer. To prepare your deck for pleasant autumn nights under the stars, inspect it for splinters and loose boards. You might also want to give it a good cleaning, and the cooler temperatures at the end of summer are a great time for this treatment since Your deck cleaner won’t dry too rapidly in the harsh sunlight.

Prep a Fire Pit

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as the crackle of a fire, and a carefully constructed fire pit can enhance your outdoor lounging with light and warmth once the chillier evenings arrive later this year. It’s best to start making your plans now so that your fire pit will be ready for autumn evenings with friends and family, so gather up your supplies and lay the groundwork before assembling your s’mores.

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Check Your Car’s Paint

With cooler days on the way, it’s important to make sure that your vehicle’s paint job isn’t compromised anywhere. If the paint is chipped, those breaks in the coat can leave your vehicle vulnerable to rust in the changing weather, so it’s best to get ahead of that problem before it starts. Take a look around the exterior of your vehicle to make sure your paint is still in good shape. If it’s not, try to address those bare spots as soon as you can.

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