Snacks To Get You Through The Day

Unrecognizable person is preparing homemade granola bars with raisins, dried cherries and orange zest

Do you find yourself getting a little “hangry” during the day? It sounds like it’s time for some snacks to come to the rescue. Now, you could load up on treats at the grocery store, but homemade goodies taste even better. They’re also super simple to make if you use one of these fast and easy snack recipes.

Easy Puppy Chow

Sorry, Fido. This Easy Puppy Chow recipe is meant for human consumption and is divine. Seriously, you can’t go wrong when you combine Chex cereal, peanut butter, melted chocolate, vanilla, and other ingredients into one tasty snack.

Speaking of tasty, you can enhance the flavor even more by including some of your toppings. Get as creative as you want, or stick to the recipe as written. Either way, you’re sure to gobble up the puppy chow instantly.

Parmesan Ranch Popcorn

Move over, Orville Redenbacher. With this recipe for Parmesan Ranch Popcorn, anyone can become a popcorn guru. The prep time is 10 minutes, so it’s almost as fast as using the microwave. That’s where the comparison to microwave popcorn ends, though. After all, it’s hard to find a bag of popcorn with freshly grated parmesan cheese, ranch salad dressing mix, and other mouthwatering ingredients.

Chocolate Mocha Dusted Almonds

Do you love chocolate and almonds? If so, this dynamite Chocolate Mocha Dusted Almonds recipe was made for you. As with the recipe for Easy Puppy Chow, you can follow it exactly or add some extra ingredients. It’s delicious either way, but adding half a teaspoon of cinnamon takes the snack to the next level.

Dill Dip

Have you tasted your way through the dips at the grocery store, and none of them are quite what you want? That means it’s time to try this Dill Dip recipe. If you love the flavor of dill, consider doubling the amount when making the recipe. Doubling up enhances the flavor without masking the other ingredients.

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Chewy Honey Granola Bars

It’s hard to beat granola bars when it comes to snacks. They’re filling, easy to transport, and oh-so-tasty. While there are many impressive options, this recipe for Chewy Honey Granola Bars stands out.

Making granola bars sounds challenging, but this recipe only requires 10 minutes of prep work. Honestly, the hardest part is waiting to eat the granola bars until they finish baking and cooling. You’ll need to stay strong when the scent of walnuts, raisins, chocolate chips, oats, and other ingredients take over your house.

Are you getting hungry just thinking about these treats? You only need to grab the ingredients, and you’ll be snacking in no time. Then your “hangry” days will be a thing of the past.

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