Stop By Dominguezs’ For Your Next Date Night

Sliced baked veal fillet with herbs, lemon, red pepper and sauce

Some may consider this the season of love, and what better way to express your love for your significant other than a date night. If you are looking for a restaurant that offers delicious cuisine for your next date night, then look no further than Cocina De Dominguez. Dominguez offers its patrons a great dining experience in a warm and friendly atmosphere. See why it makes for a great choice on date night.

New Mexican Cuisine

The food provided at Cocina De Dominguez is characterized as New Mexican cuisine. Similar in concept to Tex-Mex, New Mexican cuisine is the integration of Native American cuisine, primarily that from the Pueblo tribe, with that of Mexican or Hispanic cuisine. You can see prime examples of this New Mexican fare in dishes at Dominguez that incorporate the Puebloan use of green chilies. For authentic New Mexican cuisine, you will want to order dishes such as the Navajo Taco or the Bernie’s Smothered Steak.

A Sizzling Dinner

While all of the entrée options at Cocina De Dominguez are tempting, you will want to head to Dominguez for date night to enjoy any of their sizzling steaks. You can begin your dinner with an appetizer of guacamole or salsa to share. Nibble on a fresh dinner salad or cup of Posole in between the appetizer and the main course, and then make room for the star of the dinner – the steak. Enjoy a 12 ounce cut of Sterling Silver rib eye. Other dinner options include fried shrimp, pork chops, chicken fried steak, hamburger steak, fish and chips, and a Surf & Turf option.

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End on a Sweet Note

Be sure to leave room for one of Cocina De Dominguez’s desserts. Whether you split a dessert with your date or you each select a dessert for yourself, you are in for a treat. You can opt for your choice cherry, apple, or peach pie. This option can also come a la mode! For a true New Mexican dining experience, you will want to go for the Fried Ice Cream.

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