Category: Vehicle Care

How To Check Your Tire Tread

hands inspecting tires
Keeping track of your tire tread is an easy but essential aspect of car care. Over time, as you drive, the tire tread wears down. Tires can begin to look smooth or worn when the tread gets too low. Older, worn tires are a serious safety issue and can lead... [read more]

4 Tips On Storing Your Vehicle This Fall And Winter

Underground parking background
It’s no secret the harsh fall and winter temperatures can do a number on your car, so the best way to prevent exterior damage is by storing it. If you plan on parking your car for an extended time, be sure to leave it in hibernation safe and sound by... [read more]

Jump Start Your Ride With These Steps

Close up of car battery anode cap with men's hand holding red electricity through cables for charging car
A dead car battery doesn’t have to mean hours of waiting for roadside assistance. While roadside assistance is a useful service, you don’t need it to give your vehicle the jump start it needs to be on your way. Instead, you can learn how to jump start your ride with... [read more]

Tips And Tricks For A Cracked Windshield

Perspective view of cracked car windscreen
Maybe you were driving along the highway and stray debris from the truck in front of you struck your windshield, or maybe you’re not quite sure what happened. Either way, you’ve found a crack in your windshield, and you’re wondering what to do. With these tips, you can handle the... [read more]