Things To Do To Start The New Year Off Organized

Happy young woman sorting wardrobe

One thing that everyone strives for is a fresh start at the beginning of the new year. Sometimes we even make resolutions that we are going to remain more organized throughout the new year and find ourselves getting stressed out in the process. Starting off the New Year organized will give you a leg up and prepare you for what the year is going to hold.

Cleanout the Closets

Start with your closet and get rid of or donate any clothes, shoes, belts, hats and jewelry you no longer want, or don’t fit, or have not worn in a long time. This will leave you with a fresh start for the new year, leaving plenty of space for new pieces by eliminating clutter.

Mark Those Special Days Down

Break out your calendar! Designate a time to write down any important dates, such as birthdays, anniversary’s, or weddings. This will ensure you will not forget and will help you be more prepared for those events. No more rushing around to find a last minute gift, or getting frustrated because you forgot your anniversary!

Create Goals

Right after your done with the calendar, break out a notebook and create some goals for yourself. These are a little different from “resolutions.” Create goals that are specific, achievable, and that you can make a plan to achieve. Set deadlines for yourself to complete those goals and work towards them everyday. This will help you be more productive this new year and feel more accomplished.

Make Time for Yourself

Often times, we get so busy we forget about our mental health and are too stubborn to take one when in the midst of life. Therefore, this is the perfect time for you to pencil one or two days in your calendar that you are going to use for a “feel-good” day. Take off work, sleep in, have breakfast alone, read a book, get a massage, do something you love doing. You will be surprised what this can do for your organization, productivity, and overall health.

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Social Clean Out

Just like you closet, your social media can get cluttered. Remove the people you don’t talk to regularly, cleanout any pictures you may not want on there anymore, and most importantly, unfollow those people that spread negativity on social media.

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