Tips For Building A Perfect Gingerbread House

The building of a holiday gingerbread house is the perfect family tradition. For those unaware of what a gingerbread house even is, it’s a confectionery house that is made from hardened ginger biscuit. The house is usually decorated with frosting and various candies. The great thing about a gingerbread house is that it can take the form of whatever you want. Typically, the house resembles some semblance of architecture, usually in the form of an A-frame; however, most gingerbread houses end up between a mix of an old Victorian haunted house or a dilapidated building. Of course, none of that matter because the entire thing is edible. The purpose of a gingerbread house is to provide an edible artistic medium that can be enjoyed by all. If you have a hankering to build and eat your own creation, then here are a few tips to begin building your gingerbread masterpiece.

Do Not Use Hot Glue

For some odd reason people ask whether you should use hot glue or frosting. The entire purpose of the gingerbread house is to be eaten afterwards. If you use hot glue, then your house is not edible, which defeats the entire purpose of building a gingerbread house.

Build on a Cool, Dry Day

Fortunately for us, humidity is as rare as rainfall. So this does not really pertain to people living in New Mexico, but it is still relevant as moisture tends to complicate the building of a gingerbread house. Moisture will cause the pieces to be more crumbly and softer, which will make standing the house up more difficult. Frosting is also impacting as you need the frosting to stiffen after application. Moisture will keep the frosting soft. So, build a gingerbread house when it is dry out.

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Procure a Sturdy Base

You need something sturdy for your house to sit on. The least expensive way to go is to cut out a thick cardboard base and design the house on top. You can also use a foam board or cellophane covered cardboard. What ever you use, be sure that if offers enough support should you have to pick it up and transport it. Also make sure that no chemicals or anything inedible is on the base.

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