Trust Your Kid Behind The Wheel With Teen Driver Technology

Selective focus shot of cheerful mid adult man sitting in passenger’s seat and putting on seatbelt when teaching his teenage son to drive.

Parents always worry when their teenagers get their driver’s licenses and head out on their own for the first time. But modern technological advancements can substantially ease your fears. For instance, teen driver technology is changing the way we trust our kids on the road. Take a look at how Chevrolet’s safety features are making teen drivers safer every day.

What Is Teen Driver Technology?

In simple terms, teen driver technology is a set of advanced features in vehicles that help to keep new drivers safe. Chevrolet realized that teenagers, due to their lack of experience, face unique challenges when they’re behind the wheel. So, they’ve added advanced tools and safety features tailored to the needs of teen drivers.

Key Features of Teen Driver Technology

  • Speed Alerts: Speeding is a common mistake many new drivers make. With this tool, parents can set a maximum speed limit. If the teen driver goes over that speed, the car sends an alert. This feature helps to keep them in check and reminds them to slow down.
  • Seat Belt Audio Mute: Teens can sometimes forget to wear seat belts or think they’re not necessary. With this feature, the audio system won’t work until all passengers have buckled up. It’s a clever way to make sure everyone is safe before the music starts!
  • Volume Control: Loud music can be a distraction, especially for new drivers. Teen driver technology often includes a feature that limits how loud the music can be played, ensuring the driver stays focused on the road.
  • Report Card: Chevy cars with teen driver technology offer a “report card” that tells parents how the car was driven. It includes details like how fast your teen was driving, if there were any hard brakes, and if any safety features were triggered. This feedback can be a great way to talk with your teen about their driving habits and areas for improvement.

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The Benefits of Embracing This Technology

  • Increased Safety: It’s no surprise that these features make driving safer for teens. They serve as helpful reminders and guidelines as new drivers navigate the roads.
  • Peace of Mind for Parents: Knowing that the car your teen is driving has safety tools to support them can bring immense peace of mind. You’ll feel better knowing there’s an extra layer of protection.
  • Better Driving Habits: With feedback like the report card, teens can learn and adjust. This helps them become better, more responsible drivers in the long run.

Your kids growing up can be scary, especially when they hit the road on their own. But with the help of teen driver technology, you can rest a bit easier. This smart technology is not just about keeping an eye on your kids; it’s about helping them build safe and responsible driving habits. So, next time you’re car shopping for your young driver, consider looking at a Chevy vehicle equipped with teen driver technology like the stylish and affordable Chevy Malibu.

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