Turn Your Bouquet Into Dried Flowers

Beautiful Dried flowers and leaves

Bouquets of fresh flowers can brighten your day or mark a special occasion. But within a few days, the flowers can fade and lose their bright colors. And if the bouquet is part of a major event, you might want to find a way to preserve it. Fortunately, there are many ways to turn your bouquet into dried flowers. Check out a few different methods, and you can start keeping your flowers.

Air Drying Is a Favorite Choice

The air-drying method is a common way to turn a bouquet into long-lasting dried flowers. However, many people try to air dry by leaving the flowers in a vase without much success. The key is to hang the bouquet upside down in a well-ventilated area. In addition, this technique works better if you divide large bouquets into smaller bunches first. You may also want to wrap the small bunches with brown paper to keep the dust off. Brown paper will also prevent fading if you hang the flowers in a sunny room or near a window.

Adding Heat to Speed Up the Process

Air drying a bouquet can take several weeks. But many people want to dry their flowers faster. In fact, it is possible to dry flowers in the microwave. Place the flowers in the microwave with a bowl containing a desiccant like cat litter or silica gel. You can also dry flowers in the oven in a few hours by baking them on a very low setting. However, baking them in the oven can cause more color fading, and you may also lose more petals.

Pressed for Time

Another way to preserve plants and flowers from your bouquet is to press them. To press flowers, you’ll need wax or parchment paper and something heavy. It’s best to press individual flowers to prevent mold from forming. Then, use the wax paper to ensure the flowers don’t stick to the heavy item. Of course, you can make or buy a wooden flower press. But many people have success using a heavy book.

Tips for Getting Good Results

While these options will preserve flowers, there are some tips that can increase the chances of good results. For instance, it’s best to start with fresh flowers. Remove any wilted or damaged parts when choosing the flowers you want to preserve. In addition, try to avoid drying them in direct sunlight. Wrapping hanging flowers loosely in brown paper can solve this problem. And whichever method you choose will work better if you do it in a dry and ventilated area.

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Enjoy Your Dried Bouquet

Once you’ve dried your flowers, it’s time to arrange them. If you pressed your flowers, they’re now ready for scrapbooking, framing, or other craft projects. If you dried them another way, you can create long-lasting arrangements. Keep the petals and leaves attached longer by spraying the dried flowers with hairspray. Enjoy your lovely handiwork!

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