Fun Hide & Seek Game Variations

Hide and Seek is a classic game that nearly every kid plays at some point during their childhood. The rules are pretty simple: someone is designated to be It. That person then counts to a predetermined number with his or her eyes closed while everyone else in the game runs... [read more]

Ways To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay

Blue and yellow citronella candles lit in the garden are being used to keep mosquitoes at bay in the late evening
When summer weather arrives it means more fun outdoor activities are planned. It also mosquitoes come out, ready to take a bite out of anyone they can find. There are numerous ways a person can keep mosquitoes at bay, some with pesticides and some without. Here are a few methods... [read more]

Are Express Car Washes Bad For Your Car?

Red vehicle cleaning with pressure foam gun at an express car wash
Should you spend the cash on professional car detailing, wash your vehicle yourself, or use an express car wash? If you're leaning toward using an express car wash, read this article from CarCareReview first to learn the best way to safely clean your vehicle. Can An Express Car Wash Damage Your... [read more]

Visit The Native American Art Auction This Saturday

Native American decor background - pink and turquoise beads draped on a colorful textile woven design closeup and shallow focus
Gallup, New Mexico, hosts one of the most significant Native American art auctions in the country every August. As Visit Gallup reminds everyone, the 2023 Native American Art Auction happens Saturday, May 6, at the Gallup Community Center. Prospective bidders can review auction items from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.... [read more]

Spend The Day Enjoying Flux Tufa Works

fingers wrap silver wire with pliers
At a workbench, just beyond the reach of a lichen-spotted alligator juniper tree, artist Jude Candelaria carefully puts the finishing touches on a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. It’s the latest in a collection of eye-catching creations at Flux Tufa Works, where Candelaria continues his family's silversmith tradition while also expressing... [read more]

Hit The Trails In Your Bike This Spring

Low angle view of cyclist riding mountain bike on rocky trail at sunrise
Off of the historic Route 66 and Interstate 40, there are trails in the city of Gallup that can take you to a place the pre-dates the construction of the highway. While you can trek some of these trails only on foot, there are some that allow for adventurous mountain... [read more]

What’s A Turn Radius And Why Does It Matter?

U turn sign
Sharp curves and turns can be difficult. That's part of the reason you need to take them slow. But speed isn't the only factor that goes into making a curve with ease. Turn radius is important, too, especially if you need to make a complete 180 and go the other... [read more]

Support Big Brothers Big Sisters At These Spring Events

Man and young boy on a golf course at sunset.
Organizations that help children are doing more than just giving back to their community. They help raise young men and women who will go on to be stable, productive members of society. That's why it's important to support groups like Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain Region. Even if your busy... [read more]

Coming Soon: The Tiny Art Project

Paintbrush with oil paint on a classical palette
From its sprawling murals to unique galleries, Gallup has a strong creative side. Though, infrastructure issues like missing bricks and tiles sometimes take away from the city’s artistic beauty. Fortunately, that’s about to change thanks to the Tiny Art Project and its participating artists. First, learn more about the Tiny Art... [read more]

Snacks To Get You Through The Day

Unrecognizable person is preparing homemade granola bars with raisins, dried cherries and orange zest
Do you find yourself getting a little “hangry” during the day? It sounds like it’s time for some snacks to come to the rescue. Now, you could load up on treats at the grocery store, but homemade goodies taste even better. They’re also super simple to make if you use... [read more]