Try These Downloadable Cross-Stitch Patterns

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable woman doing embroidery at home
Many people enjoy indoor hobbies, especially when it’s cold outside. That’s why it’s fun to work on projects in the fall and winter. Take advantage of cross-stitch patterns that you can download for free. With so many options, you’ll have no problem finding patterns for your skill level. Cross-stitch is something... [read more]

Try This Café De Olla Recipe

Authentic homemade mexican coffee (cafe de olla) served in traditional handmade clay mug (Jarrito de barro) on rustic wooden table.
Café de Olla isn’t just any ordinary Mexican coffee. Rather, it’s made with spices that give it a unique and robust flavor. Don’t waste your time on a recipe that produces average results. Instead, go with one that doesn’t disappoint. For instance, this one is hard to beat. Ingredients for Café... [read more]

The Safety Features Of Chevrolet Are Unmatched

Chevrolet SUV
Chevrolet builds quality automobiles. Even so, it continually makes improvements. For instance, it ensures that new models have top-of-the-line standard and optional safety features. Of all the things that Chevrolet focuses on, safety ranks number one. The goal is to sell automobiles that reduce risks of injury or worse. Optional Safety Features... [read more]

Travel Through History At The Red Rock Mountain

Senior black couple enjoying a nice walk on the trail.
Don’t underestimate what you’ll find in Gallup, New Mexico. This part of the state has amazing scenery, making it a haven for people who love the outdoors. At the same time, it’s rich in Native American Indian heritage. To enjoy both, take a trip to Red Rock Mountain. There, you’ll... [read more]

DIY Fall Candles

Autumn decorations with candles and pumpkins
People burn candles in their homes all year round. However, there’s something special about fall candles. For one thing, they’re made in colors representing this time of year. For another, they have wonderful fragrances like pumpkin spice, pecan pie, and cinnamon hot chocolate. Instead of buying expensive products, you can... [read more]

The 41st Annual Red Rock Balloon Rally Is Almost Here

three multicolored hot air balloons in the blue sky
Against a backdrop of red rock and other glorious natural beauties, Gallup, New Mexico, is a sight to behold. When you combine the scenery with colorful hot air balloons rising high into the sky, you have a spectacle, unlike anything you have ever witnessed. This year, you can be a... [read more]

Make Your Life Easier With These Quick Car Hacks

Side view of bearded delivery man wearing casual clothes driving car delivered hot pizza to customer. Concept of fast online delivery around the city.
Like most people, you likely spend time just about every day in your vehicle. Because you’re in your car so much, it can easily get dirty. For example, you may find yourself eating in it or tracking in dirt, garbage, and other debris. You can also forget about routine maintenance... [read more]

Get Ready For Gameday With This Rotel Dip

Rotel Dip
For sports fans, autumn might just be the best time of the year. For example, college and pro football are in full swing, basketball is just getting started, and the exciting Major League Baseball playoffs are here. If you can’t see the action in person, it’s also fun to watch... [read more]

Cozy Up With Homemade Apple Cider

Steaming hot apple cider on a table with apples
For millions of people, fall is the time of the year they enjoy the most. The air is cool and crisp, smoke billows out of chimneys, and it’s a time to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving. This is also when people visit craft festivals. And after a long day, they settle... [read more]

Prepare For Adventure In The Chevrolet Traverse

white Chevy Traverse SUV on white background
If a fun and safe family vehicle is what you need, then we would love to introduce you to the adaptable Chevrolet Traverse here at Amigo Chevrolet. Let’s take a look at what this road-trip-ready SUV has to offer for 2023. Perfect for Passengers The three-row Traverse can carry up to eight... [read more]