Take A Scenic Hike In Gallup, NM

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Ready to get outside for some fresh air? Take a hike through any of these beautiful trails around Gallup.

High Desert Trail System

Whether you’re lacing up your hiking boots for the first time or you’ve been trekking the wilderness for years, the High Desert Trail System promises an engaging experience for any skill level. The East Trail offers the easiest outing, while hikers looking for a trickier trail can opt for the three Mesa options with increasingly tricky terrain. Just be sure to plan your trip with the weather, as the trials should only be explored when they’re not too muddy. You can also bring your dog with you on this trail system.

Red Rock Park

Red Rock Park is one of New Mexico’s iconic natural treasures, and you can explore the awe-inspiring geological site through its own hiking trials. The trails wind their way through the arid and beautiful landscape, along rocky routes and vibrant red earth.  You can take the Church Rock Trail to a stunning vista of the site’s towering sandstone steeples, or follow the Pyramid Rock Trail to see incredible rock formations on your way to a rewarding overlook. Red Rock Park is a fascinating site filled with natural wonder and cultural importance, and signs along the way share insight into the site’s past.

Zuni Mountains

For exhilarating access to the picturesque Zuni Mountains, pay a visit to the McGaffey Recreation Area. The scenic trails lead up an 800-foot increase in elevation, as the landscape changes and ponderosa pines rise overhead. The singletrack trail within the Cibola National Forest runs more than 25 miles, and it provides an engaging excursion whether you prefer to explore the scenery on foot or on your mountain bike. Depending on the timing, you might find that the trial is typically not very crowded, allowing you to enjoy the wilderness at your own pace.

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