Visit The Native American Art Auction This Saturday

Native American decor background - pink and turquoise beads draped on a colorful textile woven design closeup and shallow focus

Gallup, New Mexico, hosts one of the most significant Native American art auctions in the country every August. As Visit Gallup reminds everyone, the 2023 Native American Art Auction happens Saturday, May 6, at the Gallup Community Center. Prospective bidders can review auction items from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (MST), and the auction will run from noon until 5 p.m.

Support Native American Artists

The Native American Art Auction is an opportunity to engage directly with Native American culture. Native American artwork is deeply tied to the traditions, values, and histories of indigenous people. By exploring and experiencing the art on display, visitors have the opportunity to engage with Native American culture in a tangible way. They can learn about the meaning behind the artwork, the history of specific pieces, and the current state of Native American art throughout the Southwest. The auction is a chance to support Native American artists and craftspeople. The auction provides a platform for Native American artists to share their work with a larger audience and generate income. Visitors can bid on items and purchase items directly from the artists, providing both economic support and recognition of their talents and skills.

Great Shopping

The auction is an opportunity to combine cultural exploration with great shopping. The auction features a wide variety of items for sale, from jewelry to handmade clothing to pottery. Visitors can browse the selection and purchase one-of-a-kind items to bring back with them as souvenirs or gifts. It is also an excellent opportunity to support small and local businesses.

Family Friendly

The auction is a family-friendly activity that is accessible to all. Families can attend together and learn about Native American culture while encouraging artistic curiosity and exploration in children. Additionally, the auction is open to everyone, regardless of previous experience or knowledge of Native American art. And of course, Gallups’ location adds another layer of cultural immersion. Known as the “Gateway to Native America,” Gallup is the perfect starting point for exploring the region’s Native American sites, cultures, and landmarks. From museums to art shops to national parks, the area is rich with opportunities to explore and discover more about the Southwest’s native peoples.

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When You Go

The Native American Art Auction is an incredible opportunity to immerse oneself in Native American culture and support local artisans while exploring the vibrant region of Gallup, New Mexico. With its excellent selection of unique, hand-crafted items, family-friendly atmosphere, and rich cultural offerings, the auction is an event that should not be missed. So head out to Gallup, and experience the beauty and richness of Native American art and culture for yourself.

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