Why Rocket Café Is Out Of This World

Lasagna on a square white plate with Italian basil

Like most people, you probably have a favorite type of food. If you love Italian cuisine that tastes like it came straight out of Italy, you need to visit Rocket Café. Located in Gallup, New Mexico, the dishes are out of this world.

Mouth-Watering Italian Food

Even if you’re not a fan of Italian food, you will be once you sample the dishes at Rocket Café. Everything on the menu is delicious. Along with entrées, they also serve some of the most amazing desserts you’ve ever had. Regardless of what you order, Rocket Café won’t disappoint.

Variety Galore

The problem with a lot of restaurants is the limited menu items. At Rocket Café, that’s not an issue. Not only can you order an Italian dish but also hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, and seafood. This establishment even has two house specialties. Both the Green Chili Stew and Frito Pie make a lasting impression. They also serve traditional beverages, as well as La Crumbe IPA, a popular drink among the locals.

A Family-Friendly Establishment

Although everything at Rocket Café is yummy, this place is particularly loved for its wood-fired pizza. All you need to do is tell them the toppings you want. People who’ve had the pizza swear they’ll never go anywhere else. It’s all handmade using the finest and freshest ingredients available. Since pizza is one thing that kids never turn down, this is an awesome place to eat as a family.

Desserts Too Good to Be True

One bite of Rocket Café’s Chocolate Sin Cake, and you’re hooked. If you think your grandmother made the best chocolate cake…sorry, grandma. It’s rich and gooey. Even if you’re full, you’ll finish every bite. Keep in mind that Rocket Café serves other desserts that are equally delicious.

Fun Times for Everyone

Recently, Rocket Café went through a complete remodel. Now, it’s even more inviting than ever. The owners wanted to provide guests with a fun yet relaxing atmosphere, and they succeeded. You can watch sports or shows on one of the many flat-screen TVs or get involved in a dart tournament.

Family Owned and Operated

At Rocket Café, every guest gets treated like family. The Colainni’s originally opened the café in the early 1980s. They created Italian dishes with authentic Italian flavors. In the 1990s, the original business called The Pizza Palace became Rocket Café. Today, Marie Chioda, who’s a member of the Colainni family, oversees the operations. With a deep sense of pride, she ensures that everything on the menu meets the highest standards.

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Special Events and Delivery

In addition to having space for special events, Rocket Café delivers. So, if you’re craving a wood-fired pizza or Chocolate Sin Cake, simply pick up the phone to place an order.

The bottom line, everything about this place is beyond incredible. If you live in Gallup or happen to pass through, treat yourself to some of the finest Italian and American food around.


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